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Paul Dolan guided around Fraser Island for 14 years in a wide variety of fresh and salt water areas and has now moved his operation to the Mackay Region to guide on both salt and freshwater , although fly fishing has been Paul’s real passion since being introduced to the sport in 1990. Since that time he has fished numerous locations in Australia and abroad allowing him to refine his skills. Paul has fished for Mako sharks in San Diego and Giant Tarpon in the Florida Keys with his first Tarpon released estimated at over 100lbs.He also successfully fished for the fly fisherman’s dream combo, Permit and Bonefish, in Cozumel and Isla Blanca on the the Yucatan Peninsula , Mexico. Incidentally his Atlantic Permit combined with his capture of the first Indo Pacific Permit in Fraser Island waters on fly placed Paul in a very exclusive group of anglers. Paul also has fished the Pacific side of Mexico in Cabo San Lucas and East Cape chasing rooster fish, striped marlin, mahi mahi and many more exotic species.

Paul is “consistently consistent” in his angling adventures both in his home waters and beyond. If he is not running a charter he is out fishing himself. Paul is very well versed in all types of tackle and can switch from spinning tackle and plastics to fly fishing or casting lures without missing a beat. His clientele can attest to his ability to share his knowledge – Included in the many anglers who have shared his deck are some well known ones. You can count Australia’s Rod Harrison (dubbed as our Aussie Lefty Kreh) as a regular and good mate of Paul’s. USA anglers such as Jim Vincent of Rio lines and legendary woman angler Diana Rudolph (good friend of Sandy Moret and Flip Pallot) have spent days with him. Additionally there are many high profile Japanese anglers who love Paul’s style and personal approach to fishing.

Paul is a no nonsense Australian character with the classic touch of Aussie humor. He and his brother Al, owner of Lively Lures ,were raised by parents who taught them honest ethics and values. This is reflected in Paul’s hard working attitude and desire to succeed in all aspects of his life. Before starting Fraser Coast Sportfishing then Mackay Fly &Sportfishing he worked in the rough and tumble construction industry as a Rigger. Often in remote locations this highly dangerous and specialized job required working as a team member and having great trust in your co-workers. This job allowed Paul to spend his free time surfing and fishing around Australia.

Paul is extremely passionate about the environment he works in and the fish and animals that surround him. The Mackay /Capricorn region and the local fishery is unique. Paul has seen what can be done to protect and promote world class sport fisheries like those in the Florida Keys and is working hard with the tourism industry, government representatives and fellow anglers to try and adopt a similar model in all Queensland waters . He believes, as do many others, that removing destructive fishing activities from these waters would allow many future generations of Australians and anglers world wide to visit the waters of the Queensland coast and experience the amazing fishing offered there.

Anytime fishing with Paul will be interesting, informative, entertaining and, most importantly, enjoyable.

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