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I have been blessed to have fished all over the globe over the past 30 or so years. What Paul offers locally for the barramundi and the grunters is just spectacular. The fly fishing for barramundi is simply incredible and I would rank is very high on my must do list. The sooty grunters are great fun as well.

Paul is a great guide and could not be more enthusiastic about what his region has to offer.

Jeff Pierce Scientific Anglers 

Foreign & OEM Sales Manager 

I have fished all around the world and have met many guides, good and bad ones. Paul is not a good one, he is more than that. He is excellent! I have not met many people who understand fish behavior and especially barramundi as well as he does. Besides that he is an excellent fisherman and a great fishing buddy. Fish with him and you will soon understand what I am talking about. Paul, it was a pleasure to fish with you! 
Thight lines!
Günter Feuerstein 

International Master Fly Casting Instructor 

My girlfriend and I went on two trips over the last couple of weeks with Paul. One was for barra and the other was salt water. Both trips were absolutely excellent! He really knows his stuff and you get to use some top fishing gear. These trips were ideal for us as a two. So much more enjoyable than heading out in a big group on a large boat and just dropping bait down - fishing lures is far more interactive and entertaining. If we weren’t moving back to the UK we’d definitely be heading out on plenty more trips with Paul!

Peter Mounstephen


Top day with a great fishing brain 
Would recommend

Stephen Kilpatrick

Went out with Paul to have my second ever go at fly fishing. Paul was patient and has alot of Knowledge. I had a goal of landing a sooty grunter on surface and after some persistence and less than ideal wind conditions Paul managed to put us in the right spot at the right timebto make it happen. Thanks for a great afternoon and all the knowledge that comes with having you as a guide. Now I am eagerly awaiting getting my own fly outfit.

Curtis Watson

G'day everyone, I've fished with my fair amount of guides who all do an awesome job under pressure. But Paul took it to the next level ! Not only did we smash my wish list. But in the quiet hours of fishing he kept pushing me to keep casting full well knowing what was only around the corner. I don't wanna jab on about how great my day was but I highly recommend you come to Mackay to find out for yourself. Paul said mate I put in 110% for my clients it's more like 210%. Cheers again for the 15kg GT and massive coral trout , see you again soon cheers .

Jai Goodwin

Thank you Paul.
I enjoyed a lot Saratoga fishing in Australia.

Tsutomu Daigo

Spent a day in the salt recently and a night at the dams with Paul. Excellent experience.

Sam McCowan

Paul is a friendly and knowledgeable fishing guide, who in a guided session at Kinchant Dam shared various fly and impoundment techniques which have lead to many memerable catches since. 
I would highly recomend Mackay Fly & Sportfishing.

Steven John

Met Paul 20 years ago. We fished together on the day we met and had a great time with him landing a Yellowfin Tuna on fly. 
Because of life we had not fished together since, but today was the day. 
I had never caught a Sooty Grunter before today but blooping a Dahlberg Diver sounded like fun. Paul's knowledge and skills ensured a memorable session with me landing 5 Sooty's to 43cm and missing several others. Terrific day with a very knowledgeable fisherman. 

I thought that i was addicted to fishing but Paul's knowledge and skill places him above my standard. 
Thanks again Paul and I hope to return next year for another session.

Terry Hayden 

Hayden Fly Reels

Top day out. Highly recommend. Thanks again Paul.

Mark Myers


I've had the best experience first timer with Paul Dolan not only did he show me the right way with the rod and reel but it was where you put the lure that counts ,had great results hooking a 75cm Barra was awesome will come back to Mackay to get that meter one next year.

Judy Cornwall

Thanks Paul, we both had a great time and Rick ticked off another thing on his bucket list. Anybody thinking of catching a Barra Paul is your man, Rick got off the plane at Mackay airport at 4.30pm and had landed his first Barra at 7.15 pm. I hooked 4 and landed 1 on fly – Mackay Fly and Sports Fishing is something to keep in mind for that special occasion.

Peter Blom

Paul, thanks again for a great day on the special waters of Hervey Bay. Your passion and love for this fishery shows through your dedication and commitment on the water. From the creative photos you take to the well kept weapon of a boat you have, your attention to detail shows every minute of the day. This is particularly true when it comes down to getting into the best position to have a good shot at a fish. From screaming reels to the perfect back drop scenery, the day was a complete package of an awesome time out. Fisheries like this are special beyond the telling words and i can only hope with the support of the powers that be, we will see it grow from strength to strength for the generations to come.

Tight Lines – Nathan

“In years of sharing boats with flyfishing’s best I can say that Paul Dolan is right up there with them. No one has a better handle on Hervey Bay and region – be it bass and barra, those twinkle tail golden trevally feeding on the flats, queenfish and rampaging schools of longtail tuna in the open water. Nor can I imagine anyone as encouraging to clients and walking so many extra miles on their behalf.”

Rod “Harro” Harrison

Dear Paul,

For the second year running you have managed to supply quality fishing to help our company fast track field testing on our fly rods and tournament rods before signing of on production. It is always a challenge to pre-book a trip in advance and hope the weather and fish are willing to play. Well from the 2 trips we have chartered your business the weather has given us everything from beautiful days to down right cyclonic but your intimate knowledge of all the surrounding water systems both fresh and salt and your easy going nature has enabled us to find fish on all occasions. I have my photo of the 70cm Barra caught from the sticks at Monduran on my screen saver and cannot wait to “PUNCH THEM BACK HARDER” next time my Lively Lure is bouncing through the timber. Thanks for some truly memorable experiences.

Kind Regards

Andrew Summers
General Manager
Mayfly Tackle Pty Ltd

G’day Paul,

Just wanted to thank you for another cracker couple of days on the water. Even with the average conditions we were faced with you still managed to produce the goods. Can’t wait to get back to Mondurran for some more brutal encounters with those barra and am pretty keen to try that new leader system on some southern creatures as well. Of course it’ll be great to get back up and have some Longies to test the fly and light tackle spin gear again.

See ya next Year

Chris Baty
Mayfly Tackle Australia

Its always a bit nerve racking for me when fishing with guides whom can out think, out fish and out cast you in most all circumstances. After all its their business and your in their world. Standing upon the front deck with a good fish in sight and bearing down into the casting zone at a rate of knots can create enough pressure to turn all flyfisherman ( beginners to confident) into complete rod flapping spastics. This can be made 100 times worse when your with a guide whom has not got the people skills required when working together on the water. These “people skills” are not just personality based but they also involve the reactions and emotions that occur when one has interaction with a fish. Win, draw or lose in any of the piscatorial encounters you experience whilst fishing, each draws a different emotion from within. Adrenalin heart pounding vein pumping hookups, heart wrenching butt kicking bust offs and ego deflating disappointing fly refusals the guide has to deal with them all just as you do. Paul has a very easy flow that surrounds him and he deals with all the above situations and feelings in a confident knowledgeable manner that I am sure will make all comfortable in even the most highly pressured fishing situations. The understanding and quiet confidence that Paul has is direct reflection of his fishing history. You can not know or do what Paul is capable of without having caught a shitload of fish and of course know how to lose them also. He radiates a boundless enthusiasm for fish, fishing and fisherpersons and his uncanny knack for finding ,sighting and fighting fish is only matched by his efforts and desire for you to catch them too!

What can I say? Why did it take me so long to go fishing with ya!!

All the best mate
Randall Bryett

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